Aka Bara Bushido Ju-Jitsu Red Rose Community Centre, 74 West End Road, Morecambe, Lancashire. LA4 4DY

Tel: 01524 42 66 43

Customisation Available Tsuba: The Tsuba (guard) provided as standard is made of alloy.  (You have a choice of 100 designs to choose from for FREE)  TSUBAS: Alloy Tsuba (AT01-AT100): FREE to change       Iron Tsuba (IT01-IT27) :        + £10

Brass Tsuba (CT01-CT18): +£20                    High Quality Brass Tsuba(HT001-HT033): +£35

SAMEGAWA: Genuine Ray Skin

R001 - R006 FREE to change
The "rayskin" (sometimes called shagreen) is actually fish skin taken from specific species of stingray or shark. It has been used on Japanese Sword handles for a very long time mostly due to its rough texture which when wrapped with 'cord', stops the cord from slipping.  There are six colors to choose from.


C01 -C18 FREE to change

TSUKA-ITO is the cord wrap on the handles of Japanese swords. Its purpose is both aesthetic and functional, Ito comes in a wide array of colours to suit every taste, and it helps reinforce the tsuka.

The Sageo have been used on Japanese swords for many centuries. The purpose of the Sageo is to hold the scabbard into the obi belt and keep it from slipping.

TSUKA-MAKI Choice (Free)

Tsuka-maki - the art of wrapping the tsuka, including the most common hineri-maki and katate-maki (battle wrap); You can choose the either.

Custom swords (length etc.) on request.

SAYA: The saya (sheath) of the sword is hardwood.
S01-S14       FREE to change                                  

S15-S21     + £30                                   S22-S24    + £40