Professor Andy Manwaring

Aka Bara

Founder/Chief Instructor 8th Dan Ju-Jitsu

Prof. Manwaring is the head of this successful martial arts training centre, but it wasn’t always this way, obviously we all have to start somewhere. Andy started his Ju-Jitsu training in 1984, previously trying other arts, but Ju-Jitsu apart from being the closest club to where he lived, it seemed to cover all the areas of combat he expected from a Martial Art. The Bushido Kempo Ju-Jitsu club was based on the outskirts of Carnforth in Lancashire, run by Prof. Paul Jackson 6th Dan.

Andy Manwaring

I have over 36 years’ experience in Martial Arts, currently hold an 8th Dan in Ju-Jitsu and the title of Professor. I have also gained my 4th Kyu in KyuJutsu (Japanese Archery).

I am the Head of both UK Bugei Organisation and Kilohana European Martial Arts Organisations, as well as the UK representative for the American JuJitsu Institute (AJI), the oldest Martial Arts Organisation outside Japan.

I have trained with top instructors from the UK, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Brazil, USA, Russia, and Japan.

Currently I teach at clubs/courses around the UK and as far away as the USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal & Russia.

I served in the Army (TA) for 12 years reaching the rank of Sergeant.

My roles included Unit PTI (Physical Training Instructor), Skill at Arms, Range Control, Recruit Training, Infantry Platoon Sergeant, Recce Platoon Sergeant, Recce Instructor and Sniper Instructor.

I was also attached to the 42 Brigade Battle Training School as an Instructor for 18 months.

Since 2012 my Training Company (Affiniti Training) has been a registered Quality Awards Centre with the ICM (Institute of Conflict Management) and myself a Full Registered Technical Member.  The ICM is the UK’s leading body for the development and setting of standards for the prevention and management of work-related violence.

I gained the Physical Skills Tutor Award (PSTA) with the ICM in 2016 and was appointed to the ICM Board of Directors in 2019, as well as siting on both the Security and Care/Education Sub Committee forums.

I have my own Model of Breakaway and Restraint techniques (Defence4) Risk Assessed to meet the ICM standards, which is used in a number of Care Services (Children’s and Adult’s), Education Organisations (from Pre-School to 18) and Local Authorities. I have developed a Personal Safety and Self Defence System building on the Defence4 Workplace Breakaway Model, which is designed for; Women, Men, Children and over 55’s.

As an Independent Consultant, I have worked with; the Lancashire Police (Main HQ Defence Tactics training team) on their Self Defence, Restraint and Edged Weapons defence, from which techniques were changed in the Centrex Personal Safety Training Manual, as well as other UK Police Defence Tactics Trainers and Close Protection Trainers in improving and developing their techniques on Restraint, Self Defence and Royal Protection duties.

Over the years I also worked with the Morecambe Bay NHS and Lancashire County Council (Learning Disability Training teams) on their Physical Intervention (PI). I have helping them develop their own PI model, risk assessing the techniques and its delivery, which has been accredited by BILD (British Institute of Learning Disability), I have reviewed the techniques and risk assessments for re-accreditation with BILD every three years since. This also led to me risk assessing and consulting on the techniques for G4S’ BILD accreditation, for their Secure Children’s units and risk assessed the techniques for Studio III Training System’s BILD accreditation, every 3 years.

I was a part time College Lecturer in Health & Social Care, and Teacher Training from 2006 to 2014, delivering training for Local Businesses, County Council and Prison inmates.

I have a CertEd teaching in Adult Education, a Level 3 Assessing and Level 4 External Quality Assurance Qualifications, as well as a Level 4 in Health & Safety in the Workplace, a Level 3 Conflict Management Trainers and Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainers certification. I am registered to deliver a wide range of Ofqual Accredited Vocational Qualifications’.

I was on the curriculum development team with CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) for their First Aid Qualifications’ and delivered their Train the Trainers workshops from 2009 to Dec 2016. I also performed centre monitoring visits as an External Quality Assurer, for centres in the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, who were delivering First Aid Courses certificated through the CIEH.

I have experience working as a Door Supervisor for a number of years, as well as some experience as a Close Protection Team Leader.

I also taught the self-defence on a door supervisors’ course run by the Lancashire Police, in March 1994.

I have worked for a few companies as a Security Trainer/Training manager/Training Director.

Previously delivering the old SITO Door Supervisors course, and Close Protection Training prior to the SIA.

I have been registered to deliver the SIA Security courses, with both the Maybo, Euro Prime and ICM PI (Physical Intervention) models of restraint.

Andy receiving his 8th Dan