Aka Bara Bushido Ju-Jitsu

Most hobbies cost a bit to start up, Martial arts is only a modest outlay compared to climbing, diving and other adventure sports. After your first Free lesson the only equipment required to train in Ju-Jitsu is a Gi (training suit) which are obtained from the club at least 10% off the RRP, the club badges are Free with the suit.

One of the training areas in our current facility

All Martial arts require a licence to train and to keep a record of grades awarded, most clubs also have personal insurance for students, the cost of a membership, licence, and insurance for the Red Rose Ju-Jitsu is £12 a year for juniors and £18 a year for adults (pro rata from 1st June each year).

We currently ask for monthly payments to train, with the option to choose how many sessions you attend per week or over the month.

Prices are as follows, to join and set up your membership please follow the links:

There is also a Family Package of 8 classes each for £90 per month.

How can we offer Professional instruction at this Price?

We are a Registered non-profit Community club, our instructors are in demand to teach all over the UK and the rest of the world, but we offer our services FREE to our local community!

Book a FREE lesson below and come along!