Aka Bara Bushido Ju-Jitsu

Our team of Blackbelt instructors have over 200 years of experience between them, all having taught on national and international courses throughout the UK and world. Our chief instructor Prof. Andy Manwaring is an 8th Dan, our two assistant chief instructors Sensei Paul Nelis and Sensei Simon Moorby are 6th Dans, and one of our senior instructors Sensei Chris Mather is a 5th Dan.

Check the biographies of each of our instructors below and click for more info about our most senior ones.

Red Rose Martial Art Instructors
Left to Right: Paul Nelis, Simon Moorby, Andy Manwaring, Stephen Nicholls (visiting instructor), Chris Mather

Professor Andy Manwaring 8th Dan

The Chief Instructor of Red Rose Ju-Jitsu, Andy has over 36 years of experience in Martial Arts, an 8th Dan in Ju-Jitsu, the title of Professor, and 4th Kyu in KyuJutsu (Japanese Archery).


Prof. Bill Rankin 10th Dan Ju-Jitsu/Budo

The founder of the Lan-Kin-Fa Ju-Jitsu style, Bill Rankin was known as the “gentle man of Ju-Jitsu” with over 77 years of experience and training from some of the first Japanese instructors in the UK.


Sensei Paul Nelis 6th Dan

Starting to learn martial arts over 57 years ago, Paul is a 6th Dan in Ju-Jitsu and is one of our assistant chief instructors. He has also practiced Kung Fu, Karate, and Batto Jutsu.


Sensei Simon Moorby 6th Dan

One of our assistant chief instructors and a 6th Dan in the art.

Sensei Chris Mather 5th Dan

One of our senior instructors and a 5th Dan in the art.

Ju-Jitsu Instructors
Paul Nelis, Andy Manwaring, Simon Moorby

Sensei Carl Pennington

One of our instructors and a 1st Dan in the art.

Sensei Levi Gough

One of our instructors and a 1st Dan in the art.