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Japanese Swords Available

 Any Curved Sword imported into the UK must be;

When placing your order we require a copy of one in each category below;

A. Proof that you are over the age of 18,

(Driving Licence, Photo ID, Passport or Birth Certificate)

B. Proof that you train in a martial art that uses Japanese swords,

(Licence book only for Dan grades + a letter from your instructor for Kyu grades).

You may be asked to produce these again for UK Customs before they swords can be released.

Swords are supplied as follows.

All standard Swords are

Overall Length:  40.9 inch /104 cm

Nagasa Length: 27.8 inch / 70.5 cm

Handle  Length: 10.6 inch / 27cm

Kissaki Shape:  CHU-KISSAKI


Tsuba Material: High quality alloy

Blade Width (near Habaki): 1.26 inch / 3.20cm

Blade Width (near Kissaki): 0.91inch / 2.30cm

Weight (with Saya ): 2.09 lbs / 0.95 kg (approx.)

Weight (without Saya): 1.69 lbs / 0.77 kg (approx.)

Saya Material: Hardwood

Tsuka Material: Genuine Ray skin + Hardwood

The ridge line (shinogi) is in normal height.

Swords can be provided in 3 levels of quality

This price includes shipping to you from China but may be liable to Import Duty/VAT.

For this price you can still customise the following.

Click to follow the links to find all options available!

Alloy Tsuba (AT01-AT100): FREE to change
Iron Tsuba (IT01-IT27) :        +£10
Brass Tsuba (CT01-CT18): +£20
High Quality Brass Tsuba(HT001-HT033): +£35

S01-S14       FREE to change
S15-S21        £30
S22-S24        £40

SAMEGAWA    FREE to change

Custom swords (length etc.) on request.

Orders must be paid for by PayPal when ordered.

Carbon Steel Blades Folded Steel Blades Clay Tempered Blades

Please Click the image/links below for more info!

Sword Customisation #ITO-and-Sageo #SAYA